about tokyostories

a friendly gesture is if a story is read to you.

hommage to roland barthes –

i created the tokyostories website where remote friends can exchange stories with remote friends about remote friends. i stayed just for a short time in tokyo, so these notes, pictures, and sounds are only my incomplete view of the city. for a better understanding for me and others, you can tell your own experiences.

you have two different ways of navigating the tokyostories: you either explore them through the map or you jump directly to a subject through the story-index.
on each page is a again a small map - you can decide which direction you want to go next. a new stoy is waiting for you… exploring the map would perhaps be the appropriate start.

on each page there are two layers. you can access them through the red boxes next to the images.
the second layer contains"on-the-way-pictures" combined with "tokyo-quotes", which were originally written on bags, cars, sportcaps...

you are welcome to post your own story on the pages or a comment on the comments-page. if you like, you can also choose to be informed if someone adds a story after yours.

tokystories was produced in collaboration with holger struppek (programming). thanks also to andreas schneider, björn barnekow, joachim müller lancé, joachim sauter and willem velthoven.

i hope you enjoy as much as i do.


©sushu.de, susanne schuricht