art of living - female artists

the women in japan whom i considered most interesting where usually artists. they claimed to be still disadvantaged in japan.
"we are still discriminated against. we are still second-class citizens, despite all the laws that have promised equal rights for the past five years!"
"planing an exhibition the technical helpers have problems to accept a young woman as their boss."

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>Ralf Rueller - London, 2006-09-27
"bicycles and pools

Its beginning of september. even though temperatures eased off a little its still around 35 degrees and humid. my host suggested taking the bicycles to the local pool. bicycles have proper parking in japan. you cannot just leave your bicycle along the street. some cheat by pretending going to the local video store and park their bicycle just there. the usual procedure however is to pay for the parking. its all very organised.

to enter the pool you have to buy an entry ticket at the vending machine outside. male and female changing rooms are separated as usual. shoes are to be taken off before entering the changing room. small lockers are provided. people walk around naked very freely; taking showers or drying their hair. before entering the poolside one has to pass a cleaning passage with showers directed at you from all angles. no dry ride at the poolside! its the last week until the pool closes for the season: kids are going back to school and the pool is meant to be operated mainly for them. every hour a whistle is blown and everybody has to leave the pool for ten minutes: the pool operators fear that the kids could be exhausted and drown. as with many other limiting rules in Japan, people simply obey and stop swimming. "

>flo, flo (at) - 2004-12-09
"ich war noch nie in tokyo"

>jo - 2001-04-13
"In keeping with the retro-modern aesthetic of associated lounge-bar Sugar High, Haru Ikeda's work (motto: "Go girl! Have to be strong!") possesses a naive, anime-influenced charm, tinged with a hint of evil a la Yoshitomo Nara."

>su, sushu (at) - 2001-04-13
"kleine geisha beim kickern