"in japan, people create design for their community, to make everyday functions go smoothly and they seem to enjoy it: i can see care in the work. many cultures enjoy doing handmade design. san fran- cisco has a lot of handmade design on its streets, from people who are not designers: but most of this is created for private business, not for public or social interest. in information design today, there is: public interest and commercial interest.

in the US, i live in an environment where information design is mostly: professional, commercial, digital. what i found in japan and show here, is the exact opposite: amateur, public, analog." (joachim müller-lancé)

there are numerous construction sites in tokyo - during my stay there, i regularly had to pass a site, always, even at nighttimes, there was somebody, seeming to be solely responsible to guide you safely across the site, though this could only be a simple sidewalk marked with bright adhesive-tape.

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>rina, trebinova-lina (at) - berlin, 2009-01-06
"deutsch ist in. auf feinen schreibwaren und t-shirts (graniph design t-shirt store) findet man groteske deutsche wortfetzen, wohl noch lange nicht so lustig wie so manches westliche tattoo für einen japaner, aber es reicht für herzliches lachen unter deutschen in japan. "

>j., johannes.kircher (at) - berlin, 2001-06-20
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