artists : studio shokudo

a day in the artist's studio shokudo - i was very surprised that all the artists had taken some time. it was all very relaxed. more or less everybody spoke english. although they are supported by well known companies like shiseido and sony, they still cannot make a living, and so they have to exercise a second profession - since for an exhibition you sometimes have to pay up to 5000 $.

i was especially impressed by yoshihiro suda: what looks like old leafs here, has been carved from a block of wood in months of work. i knew his work before from the wohnmaschine in berlin - an empty room, white walls, and in one corner, barely noticeable, a leaf.

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>lynx - 2002-07-19
"... and in the end, every vernissage looks the same, wherever you are.."

>masa - 2001-10-21

>masa, masawada (at) - Akicima-city / Tokyo, 2001-10-16
"Young Artists are still quite difficult to survive in Japan. Finding good studio space, galleries or sponsors support, and exhibition space etc, etc…

“Homebase” is located at the west side of Tokyo, which is near by Yokota American air base. It is about 1hour from Ginza that the most of commercial galleries are located at.

Actually, three young artists has organized “homebase”, they are aged at 24.
The space is usually used as their studio, and every summer they organize an exhibition in this space, for 1-2 weeks. The space are styled so-called "American house". After world war2, thousands of this kind of houses were built for American armies around bases in Japan, which designed as simple American styled with three bed rooms, large living room, kitchen and bath room.

Therefore, people who come to “homebase” exhibition, could relaxed at living room with some drinks, and speak with artists. During exhibition, the space becomes small community that people naturally talks to each other.

further information : tokyo_homebase (at)