at centralstations,
like shinjuku, there are more than 1.700.00 passengers leaving each day, not including passengers from the central busstation close by. here our models of urbanity and architectural space fail, including all subconcepts: orientation, perception, the term building, definitions of insight and outsight, the difference between real and unreal...
the public parks have an similar entrance as the stations, even here you have to show a ticket to get in.

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>Holger - San Francisco, 2006-06-13
"On the day I checked out of my hotel and needed to catch the bus to Narita airport, two girls from the hotel personell took me and two other travellers to the bus stop. They waited for the bus to arrive, made sure our luggage was loaded, and then winked us good bye as we departed. I had my camera out, but was too touched to take a picture..."

>su - 2001-05-30
"im dem wagon, zwischen schlafenden - "

>wolfgang - 2001-02-06
"der menschenstrom aus dem bahnhof gleich ins kaufhaus geschleust - vergleich internet, nicht stehenbleiben im fluß der bewegung, weiterclicken -"