Shintoism, the religion widely practiced in Japan concerns old things as negative. constant re-junification of material matter by identical re- production of the architectural concept is the basic idea. at the public garan-section the largest and heaviest buildings are erected, the objects with the slowest rate of change. the private tatchu-section contains the smallest and lightest buidlings. they are the objects with, concerning their life-cycles, the most rapid rate of change.
the public area is designed strictly formal, the private area informal. this graded formality reflects the consciousness of a graded formality of all human activities.
this inter- relation is only working as long as its elements fulfill living and purposeful functions.

I: entrance
II: passage
III: center
IV: non walk space
V: outside

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>eriko - 2001-05-30
"inside - outside"

>masahiro wada - 2001-02-06
"our entrance at university ..."